Game Drives & Walking

Please note this is merely a guide line, as the guide in camp will dictate the activities mostly in response to what is happening on the ground at that stage.

Our activities are very fluid and consist of a mix between game drives, walks and spending time at game watering holes. It could start as a drive from camp but rapidly change to a walk as some tracks of a herd of buffalo or the resident pride of lions is spotted. Being on foot with any of these animals is very exciting and a great experience. Whatever you see, your guide will be a fountain of information and make the outdoors come alive with his explanations and interpretations of the environment you are in.

An afternoon game drive to Deteema Dam is a great way to spend the last hours of the day. This is a great place to watch animals coming down to drink especially in the drier months. However, there is also the option of taking a walk with your guide and finishing up at Deteema Dam. No matter how you get there it is difficult to beat a G & T in hand while the elephants are frolicking & quenching their thirst.

In camp a three course dinner awaits and then it is time to relax around the campfire, a great place for tales from your guide as well as some insight into the constellations that sparkle above us. The good news we can do it all again tomorrow!

Hwange Bush Camp Activities